Our Philosophy

The Roots of the Shinka Philosophy

The Shinka philosophy stems from the concept of evolution. As mankind has rapidly evolved into a sentient being, we’ve integrated the resources around us to evolve into a better state. Shinka marks that transcension to an evolved state by embodying the central concept of growth in our mindset.
Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of evolution, Shinka believes in the development of positives models of technological integration to support sustainable growth through every element of our daily lives. Our philosophy is based on a relationship based on supported growth and exploring the next level in human development.

The Story Behind the Logo

Our logo is a reflection of the philosophy, with the center character in the logo embodying the Yin and Yang symbols to represents a balance. The convergence of the iconic symbols is an embodiment of our mindset centered around harmony. For Shinka, the balance represents the harmonic convergence between technology and humanity.
We strongly believe that the mutual evolution of humanity and technology has been at the center of human growth since the inception of humanity. Our philosophy reflects the mutual progress of technology and humanity through a process of constant iterative evolution. Shinka is focused on supporting reciprocal relationships and technological growth through environmental integration and community development.