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In everything we do, we believe that technology will help humanity progress towards reason and efficiency so that we create a future where we prevail and help the spread of consciousness.




Est. 2017

Re-imagined IoT Possibilities

We’re pushing towards new possibilities by exploring out-of-the-box solutions centralized around customer requirements. Supplemented with years of focused research and a team of qualified professionals, we’re offering the culmination of IoT research with a ground-breaking vision to provide our clients with meaningful solutions.

  • Customized IoT Solution Deployment for Smart Homes.
  • Advanced Research & Development Structure.
  • The matrimony of Intuitive Technology with Assured Security
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Supporting Innovation Through Persistent Innovation

Shinka is focused on the goal of transforming the smart home management landscape through the integration of highly integrate-able solutions focused on establishing comprehensive security with a high degree of interoperability. Shinka is pushing forward the boundaries of smart home management by enabling faster smart home management through state-of-the-art device interaction.

Shinka provides you with a comprehensive range of products and services to help you have complete control over your surrounding environment. Explore the complete range of Shinka products and services to learn how you can enhance your environmental control with management efficiency.

Take A Step Towards the Future

The rapid pace of technological growth is enabling the implementation of enhanced possibilities with the integration of cutting-edge digital solutions. Shinka supports the leap towards the future by creating a user-centric management experience designed around personalized management structures across the IoT world.

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